Vinnie Septic and his princess siblings, Jacinta and Mutt, present a fable about what not to be when you grow up.  Vinnie is determined to stage a rock show full of lessons from the school of hard knocks. It’s not going to be easy – his brother is threatening to take up the bagpipes, his sister is a violin virtuoso who wants to be a diva, and Vinnie’s hand is looking decidedly green. In between family feuding they’ll play you beautiful harmonies on life lessons learnt the hard way.  Original commission for Capital E National Children’s Theatre Festival (2011).


The Lonesome Buckwhips are a hilarious four-piece musical-comedy act. With numerous television appearances, a Billy T nomination and a four-part Radio NZ comedy series under their belts, Dunedin’s finest family band is guaranteed to make you laugh!


Described as ‘the best thing since Flight of the Conchords’ and ‘seriously talented’, the band toured and performed at festivals throughout New Zealand and Australia between 2007 and 2011 and continue to be popular at corporate hospitality events.


"Playwright Ben Hutchison establishes himself as an original and very distinctive voice with a play that has the gritty realism of a kitchen sink drama merging seamlessly into the weirdness of dream." Paul Simei-Barton, NZ Herald 

War veteran Neville is intent on paying a tribute to his dog that would be befitting of any of his good mates. Unfortunately, he can't get his hands on a cannon to initiate a 21-gun salute. So instead, he is doing the next best thing, by playing the decaying corpse its favourite song 21 times before he puts him in the ground. But it's taking ages, and Nev's boarder Olivia and her rejected admirer Warwick find themselves walking an emotional tightrope to sensitively fast-track getting the dog buried.

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